Jesús Tobías
Jesús Tobías was born in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico.

He graduated with a degree in Mechanical and Electrics Engineering from the Tecnológico of Monterrey in 1989.

From the time he was a student, he was also an inventor of many products among which is the Unblockable
Socket, also known as the EZ Socket, with which he won the National Youth Award in Science and Technology in
1991, and which was later presented at the Inventors World Expo in New York. His invention was exported to
several countries.

Jesús Tobías was founder and director of various companies in Mexico as well as the United States. He also had
the opportunity to work in Colombia, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan among other places.

Since 1988 Jesús Tobías has presented numerous conferences at several companies and international
organizations such as General Motors, General Electric, Rotary International and the Red Cross.

In January of 2015 he founded the first Society for Transcendence in the world.

Jesús Tobías is author of the books Créalo (Believe It), Diversos, (Diverse), Diversos 2 (Diverse 2), El Burro (The
Donkey) and Llegando al Corazón (Reaching the Heart).

His experience around the world as an engineer, inventor, businessman, writer and motivational speaker have
enabled him to develop his capabilities to help people realize their destiny.

Many people have valued Jesús Tobías’s conferences as the most transcendental they have ever witnessed.
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